Social Media Campaigns
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Prior to the conception and realization of social media campaigns the creative employees of the social media agency tobesocial will professionally and personally consult every client. For a more accurate targeting we advise additional social media monitoring and analysis. Those analytical results support the strategy development, goal-definition and conception of the social media campaign. Additionally to the right selection of the social media channels and classic marketing tools we take care of the layout and design development, the technical realization (social web development, e. g. Facebook app, mobile app, blog) as well as the project management, the run-time support and the community management of the social media campaign. To boost the success even more we integrate influencer (blogger marketing) and strategic cooperation partners in the social media campaign. 

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Our services: Social media campaigns

  • Professional consulting
  • Social media monitoring & analysis
  • Word-of-Mouth Marketing & recommendation marketing
  • Development of campaign strategies and goal-definitions
  • Conception of social media campaigns
  • Selection of social media channels and classic marketing tools
  • Development of layout and design
  • Technical realization (social web development)
  • Planning, organization and accomplishment of the social media campaign
  • Project management and run-time support
  • Community and event management
  • Influencer campaigns, Facebook campaigns, crossmedia campaigns
  • Evaluation of social media analysis
  • Constant reporting