Social CRM (SCRM)
Social media management, social media services, social media CRM, social media strategy, customer relationship management, social media consultancy

The social media analysts of the agency tobesocial evaluate information that consumers reveal in the social web as well as in online discussion on relevant topics using data mining and prepare the results for the data warehouse. You will learn more about your customers and their needs. Therefore, your HR, marketing, sales and service units can use those customer data more effectively for your goals. The customer relationship management is brought up to the next level by social CRM.


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Our services: Social CRM

  • Development of a social CRM strategy
  • Social CRM consulting
  • Social media management
  •  Realization of seminars regarding the topic social CRM
  • Social data mining (data analysis, structuring and optimization)
  • Accomplishment of social media monitoring & analysis
  • Influencer research (blogger, opinion former)
  • Social CRM software
  • Conception and development of individual Social CRM software
  • Enrichment of existing CRM systems with the social data mining
  • Customer experience management
  • Social relationship management (e. g. social media campaigns)
  • Data management (CRM + SCRM)