Social Media Advertising
Online advertising agency, Facebook ads, mobile ads, blog advertising, online banner, YouTube ads

The team of the social media agency tobesocial will analyze the right target group and develop a successful strategy for your social media advertising campaign using previous social media monitoring reports and several advertising tools. We’ll create original advertisement with proper texts. We’ll post permanently controlled social media ads in the admired period and on the relevant social media channels while optimizing budgeting and cost-effectiveness. Due to increasing numbers of Smartphone and Tablet users we will also strongly focus on mobile ads. 

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Our services: Social media advertising

  • Development of strategies for social media advertising campaigns
  • Conception and design of social media ads
  • Selection of channels (e. g. Google ads, Facebook ads, Blog ads, YouTube ads)
  • Design development of online banner ads
  • Exact targeting without high wastage
  • Development of target group oriented ads (text, pictures, videos)
  • Installation of social media ads including social analytics
  • Conception and production of social media videos
  • Viral spreading of company messages
  • Continuous support, analysis and optimization of social media ads
  • Frequent reporting including recommendations of action