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This social media examier has produced its ‘2012 Social Media Marketing Industry Report‘ and has included some good statistical information from over 3800 marketers, revealing where their focus lies within social media activities, and what works and what does not!

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How effective is Facebook advertising? The answer comes from Facebook itself.

Some Facebook advertising (Ads) figures from the infographic:

  • Facebook advertising (Ads)  gets 31% better brand awareness
  • Facebook advertising  (Ads)  gets 192% higher share of conversions
  • 49% of Facebook Ads campaigns have a 5-fold or better ROI

More figures from the Facebook advertising  infographic:

infographic social media content marketing agency uk london

Interesting infographic about some fundamental key insights about content marketing via social media marketing. What is content marketing? Is there a definition for content marketing? And how does content marketing work? Content marketing is king – or rather, quality content is social media king, too.

Let’s take a closer look:

Best Social Media Campaign 2012 Social Media Marketing

Ben & Jerry’s amazing social media campaign 2012. Ben & Jerry’s said thanks to their Instagram followers around the world by turning some of their photos into street billboards. The Posters and billboards appear in local media in the fans own neighborhoods.  Very clever social media campaign 2012 and a nice example how social media and traditional Media works very well together.