Influencer Campaigns & Events
Recommendation marketing, blogger events, social media campaigns, social media events, opinion formers

The employees of the social media agency tobesocial develop strategies and concepts for a successful influencer campaign or an opinion former event. We take care of every step from planning, organization and accomplishment to budget and resource planning and run-time support. The analyzed opinion formers of our influencer research as well as the opinion formers of our worldwide network will be implemented in the campaign.

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Our services: Influencer campaigns & events

  • Win over of advocates and brand ambassadors
  • Development of a promising strategy
  • Development of concepts for influencer campaigns and events
  • Implementation of opinion formers of the influencer research
  • Implementation of opinion formers of our influencer network
  • Planning, organization and accomplishment
  • Budget and resource planning
  • Run-time support of the social media campaign
  • Detailed reports of the control of success