Facebook Ads
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The team of the social media agency tobesocial creates inventive advertisement based on fitting advertising text in combination with significant pictures as eye-catchers that can increase the success of a Facebook ads campaign noticeable. We take out the Facebook advertising campaign and permanently control and optimize the ad budget throughout the complete run-time period. Naturally, we will provide extensive reporting during and after the successful accomplishment of the Facebook ads. Due to our experience in Facebook marketing and the steps regarding Facebook ads we mentioned above, we are able to offer our clients cost efficient take out of the ad regarding the predefined campaign goals. 

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Our services: Facebook ads

  • Development of the strategy for a successful Facebook advertising campaign
  • Conception and design of Facebook ads
  • Creation and take out of a target group oriented ad (text, pictures, videos)
  • Exact targeting without wastage
  • Analysis of Facebook analytics
  • Viral spreading of company messages
  • Continuous monitoring, analysis and optimization of Facebook ads
  • Frequent reporting