Facebook Insights
Facebook analytics, Facebook monitoring, Facebook analysis, Facebook optimization

The team of tobesocial does not only design Facebook analytics methods (Facebook insights) for your company to quantify and analyze the return on investment with the help of relevant index numbers and to initiate measurements to optimize the Facebook marketing. We also offer the specifically developed tracking software “tobetracker” for free that helps you to quantitatively analyze the number of fans and it’s growth regarding your own or foreign Facebook pages.  

Facebook Insights Facebook Analytics Facebook monitoring optimization

Our services: Facebook insights

  • Control of success of Facebook activities
  • Definition of relevant economical indicators
  • Measurement and analysis of operating figures
  • Examination of return on investment
  • Analysis and optimization of Facebook ads
  • Analysis of communication and traffic on Facebook
  • Suggestions for improvement regarding community management
  • Learn about wishes and needs of the target group
  • Initiation of measurements for a successful Facebook optimization